Home Improvement – What’s the Secret to Beginning Your Remodeling Project?

The biggest journeys begin with the first step. This is true no matter what you’re attempting but a major remodeling project is one of the most intimidating “journeys” you can take.

Fear of the unknown holds us back. Chances are good that you’re not a builder and you’re not comfortable with the idea of handling your own remodeling project. I hear the following question often.

Question: I’ve been wanting to remodel our home for years now. How do I get started?


Getting started is never easy when it comes to a big project such as remodeling a home. It’s hard enough when it’s a minor thing like painting or changing window coverings but if you’re about to do something major, like redoing the entire kitchen or adding rooms to the home, you’ve got a sizeable project ahead of you.

Home Remodels are Messy Business

My first bit of advice is to brace yourself. A major remodel, especially if you’re going to be living in the home during the process, is going to take some time and is going to be disruptive to your normal life and living habits.

If you don’t go into it with the right mindset and plan, you’re going to suffer much more than you need to.

Your Remodel’s Accelerator

But, suffering is not the real issue here … “How do you get started?”

There are two professionals I usually suggest using to help you get started. So, your first major step, once you’ve decided to proceed, is to either hire yourself a home building coach or an interior home designer.

For a remodel, I lean towards hiring the interior designer first. A remodel must take into account the existing home style and good designers are adept at helping you sort through your desires, match them with what you’ve already got in your home, and then setting out a plan to achieve your goals.

The Home Building Coach is Next

Once the design is decided upon, the next thing would be to hire a home building coach unless your designer is willing to act in that capacity too. Certain designers have quite a bit of experience working with builders.

Home building requires experience and the right professional can provide great inspiration to get you started.